The only person you should be competing with in this planet is the person you were yesterday.Never do anything only to impress the world around you while on the other side posting a mischief into your life.Always an effective manager of your life because this will determine either failure or success.Own your life before it is owned by someone else this will make you to appreciate your small world as you have a quiet moment alone to think about your little achievements ,the people in your past and those yet to come, day to day aspirations and challenges that always keep you moving.Spend some time with those people you value and keep on appreciating them ,,,never get stuck in your own life because of apathetics in this world because they have are not part of the stakeholders in your ambitious life.A persons life is just like a project which is ongoing ,it therefore depends if you view your life as a SUPPLY-LED OR A DEMAND-LED .



putting those words into action


It has been a while since the last post i made on my blog. No worries as i have been working on various motivating projects which will coming your way soon. I believe you will have time to have a look at them, give your views and comments as ctitiques are the best way to improve what we are and what we do only when taken positively.

Many times most of us during our leisure moments with friends have the opportunity to share what we wish to be or do .we would share some girlish confidences with our girlfriends or even gentlemen pals at times. At that moment everyone is like i would love to get this job…at a certain organization…i do this and this…yeah it is not bad being a dreamer. the only thing to make those dreams come to pass is by working towards them everyday and competing with whom we were yesterday…jazue is not an exceptional 🙂

Having myself as an example in this ,walking in the paths of where i come from seeing children in devastating states with others seeming to have lost hope in their lives already has been my motivation to start an initiative for the orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). This is something i have been talking about for a long time …saying to myself that when i get a job which is well paying then i will help such kids…But during my quiet moments alone was contemplating on how many great people have given with the little that they had without necessarily having those lots of cash i was thinking of. I learnt that giving starts with what you have without straining what you cannot manage at that very moment. and as MOTHER TERESA said…if you cannot feed 100 people then feed only one. That was a challenge for me to step out and put my words into action. also inspired by various youthful groups who are doing great works in promoting a sustainable society for all in informal settlements and rural remote areas.

And thus in the beginning of this year i had to start a charity group called ONYX BUBBLY INITIATIVE which does community work, mentoring the OVCs and giving hope to kids with disabilities, incentive provision and visits. It comprises of enthusiastic youthful minds who have the self drive and BIG HEART in what we do. We identified the children as our target audience as we want to save the generation at that childhood age for them to grow as responsible people who can make appropriate choices and decisions in life.

We have various projects underway and I believe we are not only going to touch lives in nNairobi area but country wide and Africa as a continent. Dedicating our time in doing such initiatives takes a big heart and beautiful hands. standing in the gap is what we are exactly doing at ONYX BUBBLY. So God help us 🙂 🙂

Personally i love what am doing …impacting positively…leaving that positive mark in someones life as in this world we can only rise if we lift others.

Thanks for popping around…more inspiration posts coming your way

have a productive week 🙂